Guiming Shu, an Award-Winning Chef

joins Red Chili Chinese Restaurant

Guiming Shu presented his cuisine at Red Chili restaurant


The local Chinese restaurant Red Chili hires a top-notch chef,Guiming Shu, who came from Szechuan, China with a cuilinary career over 30 years.

Shu is to bring his culinary creations and newly-designed dishes such as Shredded potatoes with Prawn Salad,Spicy Boiled Sole Fish and Szechwan Spicy Fried Tofu. In addition to these initiatives, Red Chili will also revamp the dine-in menu and utensils in early January to provide customers best dining experience.

Chef Shu's creation at Red Chili

Before moving to Syracuse, Chef Guming Shu is very well respected in Chicago because of his eamazing skills in food sculpting. His expertise helped in landing a Bronze Award for himself in the “ 2020 Haday Cup” Chinese Cuisine World Championship, while he worked at Tae Fu restuarant in Chicago.  

Dragon flying between sky and sea, Shu's masterpiece of food sculpting

By carving white radish, carrot, red radish and squash, Shu demonstrated his talent in the food sculpting artwork “Dragon flying between sky and sea”.


Chef Shu's Bronze Prize certificate in the "2020 Haday Cup"


Okra with Spicy Conch, Chef Shu's presentation at Red Chili


Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, Chef Shu's presentation at Red Chili

Born and raised in the capital of Szechuan, Shu had always been surrounded by tongue-numbing spicy hotpots and inspired by his hometown’s special food culture. He began his journey of professional cooking in 1990 and has earned himself the China Chef Master, a distinguished certificate in the restaurant industry of China. He specializes in Szechuan’s gastronomy and is well recognized in cuisine creation by combining different cooking styles.

Guiming Shu, a distinguished chef with a career over 30 years

In pursuit of his dream, he came to the U.S. five years ago and began his cross- culture exploration in the restaurant industry. Chef Shu dedicates himself not only to making the Chinese food more palatable to American customers but also to promoting the art of Chinese cuisine and Chinese culture.



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